Women Empowerment

Mashghal Committee: Ghada Ramadan Fayed – Ghina Kaissi Kaissi – Salma Chebaro Jaroudi – Leila Ramadan Rannir – Leila Bsat Shammaa – Nada Hibri Sidani – May Sultan Attar – Rajaa Nour Allah Saleh – Huda Fansa Joudi – Haike Saem Daher Jubeili – Lina Hamwiye Chehab - Nahed Bakri.

Drawing Atelier Committee: Rajaa Sidani Dabous – Lina Masri – Samar Maliki Kuzbari – Zeina Alameddine Jizzi – Roa Jamil Kabalan

Coeur De Miel Committee: Suha Idriss Wazzan – Samiha Jabri Sibaii – Fida Ramadan Sweid – Nour Dada Itani – Lina Farhat – Hala Oueini – Joudi Dandan

Ajialouna’s Shop Committee: Nada Demashkieh Kutoubi – Balkis Amin Zaatari – Nahed Haj Ali Maktabi

Women Empowerment Program


The Women Empowerment Program was launched in 2010; it is a career-oriented program that provides basic education and training for underprivileged women to help them start a career and gain economic independence. It is a free program dedicated to women between 18 and 50, and it aims to improve the role of the working woman in the Lebanese community and to give her the opportunity to acquire a job in the following fields:

- Cooking

- Hair Dressing

- Makeup

- Computer

- Elderly Accompanying

- Nurse Assistant



The Atelier & Artwork


Launched in Beirut 10 years ago (2005) and in Tripoli in 2009, sewing, embroidery and crochet for ladies and girls are taught in the atelier. A total of 18 women are running the Atelier.

The aim of this atelier is to promote the empowerment of women and strengthen their role in the community. Its primary objective is to provide employment opportunities for widows and needy women and provide steady income in order to provide a decent living for them.

Its products are well-known for neatness, high quality and artistic decoration.

The main products are towels, table cloths, bed sheets, rugs, tray mats, praying clothes, bottle covers, gowns, dresses, as well as many more gift items.

This program also includes a high quality alteration service for all kinds of clothes.

The products are sold at a permanent exhibition held at Ajialouna premises at the 5th floor, in addition to Ajialouna’s Boutique in Beirut Souks, and at exhibitions held inside and outside Lebanon.

For more information please contact our department on 01-304479 extension 1502 .




The Artwork


This program started in 2008 and the first exhibition was held in 2009. It is well known for its high quality products. The artwork covers a variety of products mainly hand painting on wood, leather and Plexi glass. Ajialouna is well known for its jewelry and tea boxes, trays and reading stands as well as painting done by volunteer artist ladies.

Ajialouna’s artwork is well known for typical gifts for special occasions such as Ramadan goodies arrangements especially made for the occasion of the holy month, in addition to Christmas and New Year gifts.

The products are sold at a permanent exhibition held at Ajialouna or at exhibitions in and outside Lebanon.

For more information please contact our department on 01-304479 extension 1502.




Ajialouna's Shop


In 2013, Ajialouna was proud to expand and open its first Artizana shop in Beirut Souks, sponsored by Solidere.

The shop offers a fine selection of gifts ideas for all occasions. Talented women design custom made towels, bathrobes, cushions, uniforms, Plexi-trays, Lap trays, Pashminas, Plexi-tables and so much more.

Every creation at this shop is a step forward towards women empowerment.



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