Fundraising Department

Dr. Lina Zaim Dada – Khadije Itani Tayyara – Najla Jaafar Joujou – Fadia Koleilat Zameli – Suha Idriss Wazzan – Maha Minkara Othmani – Nada Demashkieh Kutoubi – Balkis Amin Zaatari – Lina Midani Kronfol – Rola Steitieh Kaissi – Nadine Jaroudi Chehab – Nour Dada Itani – Nada Marzouk Safsouf – Aya Zameli Malas – Nadia Zaghloul Safsouf – Zeina Seif – Rima Zein Tayyara – Nadine Hamoud Itani  
Riyadh Committee: Alma Reslan Zaim - Nada Jaafar Itani
Jeddah Committee: Maha Allaf Naja - Shatha Kayyali Rifaii
Al Khobar Committee: Zeina Noueihed Sabra - Lina Lotfi Durra - Arwa Jaber Haddad - Rana Kanaan Fawaz - Ghina Kassem Zeidan - Bushra Abo Salem Fathallah - Safa Rifaii Al-Hassan - Lara Shaaban Najjar - Suhad Al-Asaad Eid - Raghed Midani Hassan

Sponsors & Donors

Over the past 19 years, our volunteers have worked dedicatedly to establish and sustain our programs.

They act as a link between the donors and the disadvantaged families and individuals, ensuring that the support we receive is translated into a better existence for those we assist.

Of course the growth and outreach of Ajialouna would not have been possible without the generous support of individuals, companies and Ajialouna’s’ fundraising activities.

Support from our contributors comes in two forms: sponsorships and donations. Sponsorships are joint projects between a contributor and Ajialouna where we work hand-in-hand to improve the lives of those we help every day.

Donations are direct contributions from our support network that go to one or many of Ajialouna’s numerous charitable programs.

  1. Personal Contacts
  2. Contacting international NGOs and foundations
  3. Fund raising activities such as the following:
    1. Exhibitions (inside Lebanon and Abroad)
    2. Annual lunches – brunches
    3. Annual Dinners
    4. Avant Premier Movies
    5. Festivals during Ramadan
  4. Income from sales of 
    1. Coeur De Miel- Catered by Ajialouna
    2. Artizana sales at Ajialouna at Beirut Souks
    3. Rental of Ajialouna Cafeteria
    4. Learning Courses

At Ajialouna, we start by studying a project’s feasibility and social impact. If we deem a certain project to have the necessary socioeconomic impact fundraising activities are initiated by contacting our network of contributors through a team of selected volunteers, who have access to the project proposal.

Those volunteers visit their personal contacts in appropriate organizations, banks and other Lebanese associations seeking their contributions as donations or sponsorship for a specific project.

Another alternative method used is to seek out the assistance through the Internet. These institutions range from embassies to international NGOs.

As soon as we have the appropriate amount of funds for any given project, it is employed in a manner that focuses to assist as many underprivileged individuals as possible.

There is a deep sense of pride and satisfaction associated with charity; a sense of fulfillment that is overwhelming when you achieve the noble cause of educating, improving, and saving the lives of so many people in the community.


Avant Premiere Movie “Focus 2”

More than 700 people attended the Avant-Premiere starring Will Smith in Focus 2. The fundraising activity was dedicated to Sarah an 18 year old girl who was in need for a kidney transplant.


Mother’s Day – Al-Khobar

Ajialouna’s volunteering ladies in Khobar - Saudi Arabia, planned a successful gathering in which 650 invites participated. An exhibition with the products of Ajialouna’s Women Empowerment department took place after the event. All profits were distributed between the Woman Empowerment department and the Life Petals Fund.



Mother’s Day

Ajialouna association have honored 250 Elderly Ladies from different Lebanese associations and from its social department on the occasion of “Mother’s Day”, by a Lunch event held at the Lancaster Hotel on the 19th of March 2015. The event was with the participation of different ladies from the Lebanese community.


Ataya Exhibition

For 5 days Ajialouna Organization participated in Ataya Exhibition (Abou Dhabi). All proceeds support the Woman Empowerment Department.


20 Years Anniversary Gala Dinner

In a glamorous fundraising ceremony, Ajialouna celebrated 20 years in improving the living standard of underprivileged Lebanese families. A Gala dinner took place at Biel to shed light on the NGO’s achievements and announce the future plans. Attendees included senior officials, business leaders, social activists and representatives of the Lebanese media.

Throughout its 20 years, Ajialouna succeeded to offer a caring hand to over 200,000 unfortunate individuals in Lebanon playing a fundamental role in supporting families, children, women and elderly with no discrimination regardless of their gender, location, religion or political opinion.

The gala dinner was anchored by the charismatic TV presenter Wissam Breidy who engaged the guests with his wit, energy and charm. The memorable event also witnessed the outstanding performance of Aasi El Hellani, Ambassador of Ajialouna in addition to a Ahmad Kaabour and Manal Mallat.

Blooming the night, comedian and TV host Michel Abou Sleiman presented a raffle draw giving guests a chance to win valuable prizes while also contributing in supporting four identified causes: surgery operations for children and elderly, cancer treatment for children and medication for patients with chronic diseases.


Ramadan Exhibition

On the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Ajialouna organized its “Yearly Ramadan Exhibition” under the patronage of Mrs. Randa Nabih Berri. This exhibition includes hand made products made by widows intensively trained as part of our Women Empowerment project, in addition to different articles and gifts for Ramadan.

The revenue of the exhibition went towards helping needy families during the month of Ramadan by providing food and clothes for them. 



“Arabesque” Annual Ramadan Celebration Festival

Ajialouna and ABC celebrated Eid Al-Fitr on 19-07-2015 through the "Arabesque" Annual Festival in Verdun Street in Beirut, under the patronage of the Minister Mrs. Leila Soloh Hamadeh Vice President of Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation and with the participation of the Municipality of Beirut, in the presence of social, economic and media personalities.

The festival, which has become an annual appointment awaited by the people of the capital, this year, marked the diversity of cultural and recreational activities, which included all members of the family.


International Day of the Older Population

Ajialouna participated in the “International Day of the Older Population” which was organized by the Rotary Club – Beirut and under the patronage of the Minister of the Environmental Affairs on the 27th of September 2015 in Renee Mouawad Garden.


The Hollywood Circus

A Fundraising Event organized by the “Hotline Supportive Committee” “Hollywood Circus” was held on the 14th of November 2015. Two shows took place, one funded the “Hotline Health Services” Program and the other was gifted to 400 orphans from Dar AL-Aytam & Mohammad Khaled Associations.

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