Hotline Program



In year 2015, Ajialouna has launched its most recent campaign named “Hotline Health Service”. It enables underprivileged patients to receive a fast approval (within 24 hours) to cover their operations’ costs. One form of collecting donations for this project is by selling a pouch that contains beach summer essentials.

A New form of collecting donations for this project is “Ajialouna Donation Machine” which will be distributed in different locations in Beirut.

This Donation Machine is a kiosk that runs an educative and interactive Graphic User Interface, that informs the user of Ajialouna’s activities and introduces the various donation schemes from which the donor can choose the one to donate money through, whether using a credit card or banknotes in particular:

Lebanese Pound:   1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000

American Dollar:   1, 5, 10, 20, 50


Ajialouna's Donation Machine (ADM) 

ADM Brochure - English

Ajialouna's Donation Machine ADM is now placed in different locations such as:  Dunes - Beirut Souks - ABC Mall Dbayeh & Achrafieh - Verdun 732 - Spinneys Jnah - Golf Club - Le Mall Saida - Haikal Hospital Tripoli - TSC  in Verdun, Beirut Souks & Achrafieh, and later on to be placed in different hospitals in Lebanon.

In the year 2016:

1,464  Patients being helped in their chemotherapy & radiotherapy sessions

526    Tests and medications

685    Surgeries.


Shine - Blue Items

    “Shine” is a campaign to support the Hotline Department we are working on, which is made up of different items for students, to be placed on a stand, such as:

  • Note Book
  • Different Copybooks
  • Wooden & Automatic Pencils
  • Sanitizer
  • Travel Mugs
  • Water Bottles
  • Set of 3 Gel Markers
  • Bracelets





A new idea of supporting the Hotline Project is the pouches and the birthdays kits. The Hotline committee created an idea of "Hajj Pouch" which includes several essential items can be used during the Hajj, in addition to a medical pouch "Ouch Pouch" which includes the first aid items.

Hajj Pouch


Ouch Pouch


The Birthday Kits were made for girls as a "Nail Kit", and for boys as a "Dental Kit". 

Dental Kit

Nail Kit