Coeur De Miel

Kitchen - Catered by Ajialouna


Ajialouna’s Kitchen was launched in 2008, a sector of “Woman Empowerment Department” It is a dynamic production area in Ajialouna, as it caters food for all occasions to all areas across Lebanon.

The kitchen team consists of 25 underprivileged women and widows, most of them have been trained in the art of cooking at the American University of Culture and Education (AUCE) in the Kafa’at area. They work according to quality manufacturing standards in order to cover all the catering requests six days a week, supervised by an experienced chef. 

Special signature dishes are prepared daily at Ajialouna’s Kitchen offering Lebanese cuisine, international cuisine and dessert. At Coeur De Miel we also provide kitchen supplies for all occasions (utensils, serving equipment, tables, chairs, sheets, and waiters). All the proceeds cover many projects in the association.

The kitchen staff undergoes ongoing training sessions within the Women Empowerment Program.

Ajialouna’s industrial kitchen has received the Q-Platinum Award certificate. All proceeds cover many projects in the association.


Coeur De Miel- by Ajialouna Caters:

Occasions and lectures - Conferences - parties and home deliveries - Business seminars held at Companies - Banks and Universities - Iftar meals for disadvantaged people during the month of Ramadan - Training sessions within the Women Empowerment Program are held by Ajialouna's kitchen staff.

Following is the menu; many more dishes are specially prepared for special events.

For your orders kindly contact Coeur De Miel- Catered by Ajialouna at 01-304472 Ext: 1104 - 1105.


Le 8'eme

Is located at Ajialouna's on the 8th floor, so spacious, it can accommodate up to 90 people. With a state of art decoration being very suitable for booked private events and meetings. As a result from reserving Ajialouna’s Cafeteria all revenues benefit the Social Department at Ajialouna.


For your orders kindly contact  Coeur De Miel
T 00 961 1 30 44 72 | 00 961 3 34 67 44




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