Health Department

Beirut Medical Center Committee: Khadije Itani Tayyara - Dr. Hanan Khalil Cherara - Hala Shaar Bekdache - Lama Kudsi Bizri - Lina Azhari Hindi - Maria Kudsi Azhari - Mirna Alayli Kabbara - Mona Soboh Khayat - Nada Farra Farra - Nada itani Halawani - Nadine Nasser Bekdache - Nahed Haj Ali Maktabi - Nouran Hamami Barraj - Rajaa Nour Allah Saleh - Rana Addada - Rana Kudsi Bahri - Rania Alayli Saker - Rima Dsouki - Rola Sweid Atwi - Samiha Jabiri Sibaii - Suha Idriss Wazzan - Suhaila Arayssi Halawani - Wadiaa Ramadan Sinno - Yusra Jamil Turk - Zeina Shaar Alameddine - Amal Soubra Aboud - Mariam Cherif Anouti


Tripoli Medical Center Committee: Rawya Ghandour Mounla – Dalal Salhab Mikati – Wafaa Kaissi Dabliz – Rana Oueida Barakeh – Lina Zeini Othman – Rima Zeini Mawlawi – Farida Zouk Majzoub – Nariman Ghandour Oueida – Maha Mikati Mawlawi – Reem Sultan Bissar – Nadine Masike Ardati – Bushra Naaman Karameh – Amal Moukaddem Rafeii – Hania Masika Oweida – Duha Salti Sbeity

Medical Center in Beirut & Tripoli

Ajialouna Medical Centers host a number of specialized clinics with state of the art medical equipment.

To include among others an Audio gram Echo machine and Ultrasound centers, bone densitometry (osteoporosis) as well as laboratory facilities


The clinics consist of the following specialties:

Family medicine, Geriatrics, Endocrinology, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology (ENT), Cardiovascular, Dermatology, Pulmonary, Gynecology/ Obstetrics, Orthopedic, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, and social counseling.

Each year, around 12,000 patients benefit from the services provided at no cost at all, especially children and patients who require several medical examinations and follow-up, in addition to the elderly.

For more information please contact Ajialouna 01-304479 extension 1402 and 1404.



Years of Services 2017
Medications 84,190
Endocrinology Clinics 1,477
Rheumatology Clinic 803
Gynecology Clinic 926
Otolaryngology Clinic 547
Physiotherapy 1,207
Dental Clinic 16,300
Family Medicine 10,602
Cardiology Clinic 422
Ophthalmology Clinic 546
Pediatric Clinic 3,002
ECG 546
Laboratory and X-ray 1,418
Pulmonary clinic 426
TOTAL 122,412



School Health Program


Established in 1995 in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, The School Health Program - one of Ajialouna pioneer projects consists of 12 clinics in total consisting of dental and public health clinics and two medical centers (One in Beirut and another in Tripoli), in addition to one mobile clinic.

The program is managed by a Medical Health Team of professional Doctors, Dentists, Registered Nurses, Pharmacists and administrative volunteers.

This program provides elementary public school students with routine medical screening. Family medicine doctors and pediatricians consult, diagnose and administer the proper treatment as needed for students in elementary public schools. Medication, diagnostic procedures, physiotherapy and even hospitalization are provided at the expense of Ajialouna.

In 2017 the program served 13,159 students in 43 Elementary Public Schools in Beirut and Tripoli.



Mechanism of Action

At the beginning of each academic year, newly enrolled students undergo a general physical screening, and then are:

•         Referred if necessary to a specialist at Ajialouna Medical Center

•         Examined by the physician at school-based district clinic. 

•         Provided with needed diagnostics such as lab tests and X-rays, medications are provided on site.

•         Referred for surgeries if required.

•         Scheduled for follow-up on a timely basis.

For more information please contact Ajialouna 01-304479 extension 1404 






Elderly Program

Established in 2003, this program provides necessary medical treatment for the elderly by doctors specifically family medicine, geriatrics and other specialties at Ajialouna’s medical center.



Beneficiaries are also provided with a yearly health insurance card that covers:

•         Examinations by specialists (Family medicine, Geriatric medicine) every 30 days.

•         Monthly Medication for chronic and acute diseases.

•         Medical Insurance (smart card) that covers:

o    Free consultation with physicians of different specialties

o    Laboratory tests

o    Ultrasounds

o    Mammography

o    Radiology

o    Bone Mineral Density (BMD)

All the services are free of charge

In addition, Ajialouna compensates for the outstanding fee of surgery and treatment beyond the coverage of the Ministry of Public Health.

In 2017 the program served a total of 75 elderly (men and women).


Mechanism of Action

Application Selection Process:

  • The elderly beneficiaries are usually referred by friends, NGO or from media (TV Spots, programs)
  • The elderly fills an application and provides the necessary documents to request assistance.
  • Ajialouna’s social committee studies the application and visits the household of the applicant to decide on the authenticity of the case.
  • The patient will be examined at Ajialouna’s Medical Center by a Family Doctor and a Geriatric Doctor to assess his/her physical and mental status, and to decide on the proper medical treatment.
  • As soon as The Elderly is registered, he/she will be provided with an insurance card - (smart card) that will enable him/her to benefit from the services of a medical center assigned by Ajialouna,

Follow-up Appointments - every 30 days - will be scheduled with the Geriatric doctors at Ajialouna Clinic.

Patient-Sponsor relationship Ajialouna administration assigns a sponsor for each Elderly; thus, the whole program is funded directly by the sponsors. Private sponsors fund this Program.

For more information please contact Ajialouna 01-304479 extension 1404




Located at Ajialouna’s Medical Center; the pharmacy is supervised by a full time pharmacist and three volunteer ladies with a Pharmacy degree.

The pharmacy provides medication for:

•      Patients with chronic cases,

•      Patients visiting clinics on needed basis.

•      Students referred by the school health education program, their families, the elderly as well as patients referred by the social department.

All services and medications are provided free of charge. 90% of the medication is bought by Ajialouna and the rest is donated as samples from drug companies, hospitals and private clinics


Mechanism of Action

The Pharmacy provides the medication prescribed by Ajialouna doctors at the Medical Centers and School Clinics to all registered patients: students, elderly and cancer cases.

If the prescribed medication is not available at Ajialouna’s pharmacy, the patient will be sent to collect the prescription from a pharmacy that Ajialouna has an agreement with, free of charge.

For more information please contact Ajialouna 01-304479 extension 1405

Surgery Aid Fund

This project has been generated in January 2005 to support and complement the medical assistance presented by Ajialouna to all patients who cannot afford the expenses of a coming up surgery.

The reasons behind the creation of this fund were the high cost of surgical operations, the deterioration of the socio-economic status of a large number of Lebanese families, and the increasing number of cases.

This fund covers all emergency cases, laboratory tests, and radiology, and it compensates for the outstanding fee of surgery and treatment beyond the coverage of the Ministry of Public Health.

The beneficiaries are referred from:

•         The School Health program

•         Ajialouna Medical Center

•         Elderly program

•         Social program

•         Emergency cases

•         Refugees

A total of 580 Surgeries were performed for year of 2017.

A total of 3,363 surgeries were performed since the beginning of this program


Mechanism of Action

The patient or relative fills an application and brings the pertaining documents to request surgery assistance (like the doctor’s report, hospital admission records, Ministry of Health documents, etc.).

Ajialouna’s social committee will study the application and decide on the authenticity of the case and the budget to assist the patient. The results will be provided few days prior to the surgery or after admission to the hospital at the latest.

The patient will be granted a pledge to the hospital or a check for the approved amount depending on the hospital they are submitted to.

This program is funded by many of Ajialouna fundraising activities. Other sources for funding come from a monthly payment of 10,000 L.L. (or a yearly payment of 120,000 L.L.) or any amount of money that the donor would like to contribute.

For more information please contact Ajialouna 01-304479 extension 1204