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Tomooh program was launched in 2006; it is a scholarship program which targets university students in Lebanon aged 18-22. Tomooh aims to promote social development through education and targets underprivileged students who are academically gifted, providing them with academic scholarships to pursue their higher education. Candidates should have a high academic status as well as a needy financial status. Ajialouna, in collaboration with PepsiCo International, promote this program.

In Lebanon, 2,818 scholarships were distributed by "Tomooh" Program to students all over the Lebanese schools and Universities.
In the year 2006 176 Scholarships
In the year 2007 163 Scholarships
In the year 2008 193 Scholarships
In the year 2009 191 Scholarships
In the year 2010 264 Scholarships
In the year 2011 290 Scholarships
In the year 2012 334 Scholarships
In the year 2013 229 Scholarships
In the year 2014 217 Scholarships
 In the year 2015  239 Scholarships
 In the year 2016  262 Scholarships
 In the year 2017  270 Scholarships

This year, Tomooh will was launched in partnership with: LibanPost (All Branches) - Associations participating in this program are: Ajialouna Association _ Tripoli Branch - Mowassat Association for Social Services in Saida – LWAH – Al-Irshad & Al-Islah Association – Association of Saidoun National School – Unite Lebanon Youth Project .

Associations for the special need students that are participating in this program are: Step Together – Avance: School & Association – Lebanese Down Syndrome Association – Friends of the Disabled Association – The learning center of the deaf.

Applications to be downloaded :

Tomooh Application Arabic,Recto
Tomooh Application Arabic,Verso
Tomooh Application English,Recto
Tomooh Application English,Verso

This program is carried out in collaboration with Lebanese Organizations all over the country.

For more information please contact Ajialouna 01-304485 extensions 1610

Dental Sealant

This program was launched in 2009 aiming to reduce the incidence of dental caries among children.

The program targets elementary public school students, grades three and four (aged 8-10 years), determined to improve oral health, and prevent dental decay by applying the Dental Sealant technique.

This program is executed in collaboration with the Lebanese University dental medicine faculty and the Lebanese Ministry Of Education and Higher Learning. It is funded by the National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA).

Dental Sealants are plastic coatings that are applied to the grooves of teeth in order to create a smoother surface that is less likely to trap food and plaque. They can protect treated teeth for up to five years.

Recipients, however, still have to observe sound oral health practices and eat a healthy diet. The sealant is applied on permanent not decayed teeth; then it is cured with light. The process takes around 15 minutes per tooth.

Since the beginning of the Dental Sealant Program at Ajialouna together we were able to treat more than 3,047 students with 5,737 dental sealant applied.

Mechanism of Action

A consent form is sent to the parents at the beginning of the academic year, in order to get their approval. (The dentists will not assess any child who does not have the signed consent form).

The students are examined by a dentist and the results are noted on a specific examination form. If the student was found eligible for dental sealant, dental sealant is applied on the designated teeth. Finally, a feedback form is sent to parents.

For more information please contact Ajialouna 01-304479 extension 1610

Ana Kabert

This program started in 2001 in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education and it is totally financed by Procter and Gamble. The main purpose of this program is to promote more awareness of the changes in the girl’s physical and psychological changes during Puberty.

This program targets 17,000 girls annually aged between 11 and 14 years in public and private schools all over Lebanon.

Trained midwives provide health education on the physical and psychological changes during puberty.

For more information please contact Ajialouna 01-304472 extension 1610.